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Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Pensacola

Even the most lovely landscape cannot be seen after the sun goes down. Landscape lighting not only allows your creation to be seen after dark, but has other benefits.

• Enhance the beauty of your land and home in the evening with accented lighting for your favorite plantings
• Create a tasteful evening atmosphere for entertaining by pool-side, grill-side or deck
• Improve your evening security with well-placed lights
• Create a welcoming evening lighting design for arriving guests.

At GulfStream Landscaping & Irrigation, we are Passionate about Lighting and we bring that passion and our unique background and experience to your project. Our outdoor landscape lighting beautifully illuminates your home while providing you safety, security and nighttime enjoyment. Outdoor lighting opportunities are endless. Possibilities include home lighting, tree lighting, garden lighting, path lighting, architectural lighting, water feature lighting, pool and pond lighting.